Quick Big Island Statistics

 Big Island Stats At-a-Glance

    Age: 700,000 years     National parks: 4
    Size miles: 4,028.2 State Parks: 17
    Size acres: 2,578,048 County Parks: 135
    Island length: 93 miles Hunting Areas: 26
    Island width: 76 miles Wildlife Refuges: 1
    Highest Point: 13,796 ft Sanctuaries: 2
    Longest River: 32 miles Surfing Sites: 185
    Highest Waterfall: 620 feet Bodysurfing: 17
    Population: 143,135 Swimming: 72
    Churches: 288 Island Flower: Lehua ‘ohi’a
    Schools: 38 State Bird: Nene Goose
    Tourists daily: 21,360 Nickname: Orchid Isle
    The Big Island
    Sandy Shoreline: 19.4 miles

Big Island Overview

Big Island Overview

Big IslandThe Big Island of Hawaii is the youngest and largest island in the Hawaiian chain. Also know as the Orchid Isle, the Big Island is 4,028 square miles of land and is twice the combined size of all the other islands put together.The Big Island was formed by five volcanoes, two of which are still active. In fact, Kilauea Volcano is the world’s most continuously active volcano.Besides active volcanoes, the Big Island also boasts the southernmost point in the United States as well as the tallest mountains in the state at 13,796 ft.The Big Island also has the most diverse climates of all the Hawaiian Islands. From tropical rainforests to open prairie and snow covered mountains – just about every possible climate exists on this beautiful island.

Besides tourism, the Big Island’s major industry, other significant industries on the island include:

  • The largest macadamia nut industry in the world
  • The largest orchid growing business in the world
  • The major coffee industry in the United States
  • The major ginger producer in the United States
  • The largest astronomy research facilities in the world
  • Aquaculture with over 43 farms producing shellfish, finfish and algae, valued at $13.1 million

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