10 Important Tips for Maintaining a Prime Beachfront Property

by:  Dan Boyle

Prime beachfront property is an amazing asset in every Realtor’s® portfolio but you will not be able to get the best price if it is not properly maintained. Now, with such properties, there are two situations to consider: when you’re looking for renters and when you’re looking for new owners.

During the summer season, it’s a lot easier to find renters, given that beachfront property makes for about 59% of vacation rentals. However, regardless of the situation, you will need to maintain both the property and your campaign, to maximize the bottom line.

Below are 10 tips we’ve learned through trial and error (mostly error) on how to maintain every type of property on the beach, starting with rustic designs and ending with luxury beachfront homes. We’ll also talk about how to keep your campaign going, while maintaining the property.

#1: Take Advantage of the Environment

There is nothing easier on the eyes than the combination of water and land, which is why these properties are easy to promote. However, in order to make sure interested people will like your property more than any other, you should make full use of the environment.

For instance, if the property is located on a Hawaiian island, it will probably be surrounded by a lavish green landscape. So, to be in full balance with the environment, the interior should focus on creating a relaxing and peaceful setting.

#2: Maintain the Beach

The beach is the main attraction for this type of property, so if it is dirty or sprinkled with debris, the mystery will be broken. The good part is that you don’t need to invest too much because Mother Nature already did her best, but make sure it stays clean (especially when you have visits with possible customers).

#3: Keep the View Unhindered

Who doesn’t just love watching the sunset or sunrise over the ocean? Prime beachfront property has the wonderful advantage to provide just the right view so make sure to remove any clutter from the windows facing the ocean.

#4: Add a Deck

Another wonderful experience when you live in a house at the beach is feeling the light breeze while relaxing on the deck and sipping a refreshing drink. So, if the house doesn’t have a deck, make sure to install one. The return on investment can be incredible. If it has the deck, keep it in pristine condition and add some rattan chairs and a small table. It will show the house is great for couples and/or guests.

#5: Emphasize the Unique Features

Not all beachfront properties are the same so make sure to find the features that make the one you are representing, unique. For instance, if the house has a swimming pool, make sure the water is clean and the surrounding area is inviting and relaxing.

The same goes if there is a front lawn, a private driveway, fence, or front porch. But you’re not losing anything if the property has more a rustic appeal. You just need to find a way to highlight the wonderful simplicity and balance it offers.

#6: A Fresh Paint Job

The strong winds and salty air can damage the paint on the walls of a house or annexes. Chipped paint looks bad as a first impression, even though there is no actual damage on the house, which means the value of the property will drop in the eyes of a possible buyer.

Not to mention it will make an ugly discrepancy between the beautiful pictures you used for the presentation and reality. Some customers may feel cheated or their trust in your abilities as a realtor may be shaken.

But you can avoid all this, with a fresh paint job. The investment is not too big, and the result is impressive!

#7: Make it Cozy and Intimate

Most people who want a beachfront property look for a certain experience. Still, regardless of the fact that they want water sports or just standard relaxation, they all want some privacy, away from peering eyes.

While beachfront doesn’t offer too much intimacy, you can re-arrange things on the inside to give it a more intimate air. Also, make sure the windows can be easily covered without too much effort (blinds or shutters are a great and cheap solution).

#8: Focus on Comfort

To make the property more inviting, allow potential buyers to feel comfortable from the first moment they step onto the beach. Create an arrangement where they can imagine themselves laying in the sun on comfortable lounge chairs or hiding from the heat under a huge umbrella on comfy, fluffy chairs.

As they move towards the house, they should imagine a fun night/evening/afternoon with their guests, sipping refreshing drinks and sharing laughs on the deck. Inside, everything should be simple and welcoming so make sure to put emphasis on comfortable chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture.

#9: Test the AC Unit

The AC unit is almost mandatory for prime beachfront property! It makes the house a wonderful and cool oasis when the sun is mercilessly sending hot rays during the afternoon.

So, before you present the house, check to see if the AC unit is fully functional. If the filters need changing or the unit needs maintenance, work on this task before showing the property to any interested buyers.

#10: Create the Perfect Interior Design

To make sure customers understand that it’s a beachfront property, owners have a tendency to integrate everything that resembles the ocean into the interior design (seashells, ocean themes, and even sea creatures). However, too much of something amazing can be nauseating, and clutter can send possible buyers running.

To avoid this, keep things simple and elegant, and create an inviting space. It’s important to keep it neutral, so renters or buyers can imagine themselves living in it. Overall, keep it simple and clean, and people will love it!

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