Waterfalling Estate Hits the Auction Block THIS Saturday 3/22!

Scott Watson, a developer in Hawaii, built this 10,000-square-foot Waterfalling estate, perched on a cliff on the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast, over the course of four years. Well, make that seven years, start to finish; four years were spent on the main structure alone.

The home has a high-dive platform, a two-story water slide, a three-chopper helipad, a space-age vacuum-tube elevator lined in Louis Vuitton leather, a nine-tee golf course, a 450-seat tennis stadium — oh, and of course you can whale-watch from the bedroom.

Truth be told,Watson would love to do even more to the property. It has enough land — about 10 acres — to build out a second house just like the first and make a “super trophy home for a Donald Trump or a Larry Ellison or Oprah,” he says.

He’s so confident he issues an open invitation: “I dare any one of those guys” to visit the property. “I’d put this house up against any house anywhere in the world.” It’s such a fantastic property that Trump could buy it, slap a giant T on the helipad, and turn around and sell it the next day for twice as much as Watson can get for it, Watson says.

SATURDAY MARCH 22nd, 2014!

Registration is open through Concierge Auctions until Friday, but bidders are eligible for early incentives if they register by Wednesday.

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