JUST LISTED!!! Thriving Orchid Nursery and Cottage

This listing is no longer available. However …….

Are you looking for another Thriving Hawaii Orchid Nursery, Farm, Business and Residence for sale?  Check out this listing instead, available now:


Kalapana Tropicals – Exceptional Orchid Nursery & Residence on 6 Acres

Enjoy a Hawaiian lifestyle with a turnkey successful tropical orchid business. Created by horticulturists over 30 years ago, this business includes wholesale orchid nurseries, garden centers, botanical gardens, landscapers and retail florists in their customer base.

Included is the business name “Kalapana Tropicals”, the website with 2 E-stores, accounts, CITES permit for international shipping, orchid inventory and the lab program currently in place in Thailand. The inventory of approximately 300,000 orchids includes oncidium, zygopetalum, paphiopedilum (lady slipper orchids) masdevallia, dendrobiums, miltonia, vanda, cattleya, and cymbidium species.

The home and business are located on 6 fully landscaped acres in Kurtistown, 12 miles south of Hilo. The commercial orchid business is housed in 3 ranges of greenhouse, plus 3 free standing – all Conley fixed steel frame. Interior greenhouse space is over 47,000 square feet. There is a covered potting area for orchids, a 500,000 gallon water reservoir, and an office in the packing shed.

The 2,774 square foot custom redwood home was originally built in 1964 with classic Hawaiian features. In 1995 the home had a complete renovation with second story addition. The interior features teak, oak and slate floors, covered lanais upstairs and down, granite counters and custom koa and mango cabinetry. Outside is a separate whirlpool tub bath house with dry sauna and a covered BBQ kitchen area with running water and electricity. This property sits on a corner lot with a full circular driveway and a separate driveway to the house.

In the yard are tropical fruit producing orchards including: orange, lemon, lime, tangelo, grapefruit, lychee, rambutan, guava, fig, longan, avocado, mountain apple, bananas and other trees. There is also hives and bees and 5 raised beds for gardening, and a small chicken coop allow you to grow your own food and eggs!

All Buyers must sign non-disclosure agreement for owner’s review & approval.

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  1. IS this orchid nursery still for sale? Looking to buy OPERATING orchid or tropical plant or fruit property with house.

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