HERE ON THE BIG ISLAND – It’s a Mystery Why Fans Would Come Here


By Kelly Moran

It’s a Mystery Why Fans Would Come Here

Left Coast Crime

People who enjoy mystery stories are a funny lot. They relish tales of murder and mayhem, but when they get together to talk about dastardly deeds, they tend to pick meeting-places with remarkably low crime-rates. Like the Big Island.

If you’re among the myriad folks who have a passion for, uhh . . . crimes of passion, then you might want spend next March 7-12 here.

“Say Aloha to Murder” is the theme of next year’s Western Regional Mystery Conference. Better known as Left Coast Crime, it’s been run since 1991 by and for mystery fans, and is generally held in the western (left side, as you face the map) states. Next year the LCC is on a “left coast,” at Marriott’s Waikoloa Beach Resort.

A typical LCC includes discussion-groups on various genres of mystery fiction, like police-procedurals, suspenseful thrillers, detectives’ cases, raditional “cozies,” or crimes of the (“woo-woo”) supernatural world. Also presentations about true crime, by law-enforcers and crime-lab experts. And at this LCC, of course, an intensive focus on mysteries, real and otherwise, set in Hawaii. Widely-read authors are the guests-of-honor. There’s even a ghost-of-honor: Earl Derr Biggers, who created Charlie Chan. And someone will win the Lefty Award for writing the funniest mystery novel of the year.

An un-conventional convention, yes; but not amateurish. According to a published mystery-writer who lives here on the Big Island, the organizers have in California run both an LCC and a Bouchercon (the biggest mystery convention); and they have hosted unrelated conventions at the Waikoloa hotel for more than ten years.

Of course, LCC is still ten months away. But with recent uncertainties in the travel industry, a wise visitor should plan next-year’s visits at least as far ahead as a criminal might plan the next caper.

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  1. Ref your Ghost of Honor, Earl Derr Biggers, what a treat! If you haven’t ever read the article in the Ohio Historical Society’s, Timeline Magazine, “Charlie Chan’s Poppa”, by Barbara Gregorich, its in the January/February 1999 issue, and is the best recap of Earl Derr Biggers I’ve come across anywhere (I have an extra copy). Eighteen pages of sheer pleasure for any Charlie Chan fan, loaded with pictures and references to Biggers marriage, family, and life. Her web site is:

    Personally, I think the play is a wonderful idea and only wish it will one day play at the Hawaii Theater on Bethel St., Honolulu! They have their Sleuth on the other side of the world, “Sherlock Holmes” and we have our’s base on the real Chinese-Hawaiian Detective, Chang Apana, “Charlie Chan”. He’s a local folk legend and your play will go far to ensure we don’t lose this part of history.

    Trivia: Can anyone guess who Sallly Jordan, in “The Chinese Parrot” was in real life? I think I know. Aloha Lou

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