Five-O in O-Seven

          There must be an unwritten law in the TV business that there shall always be an action/adventure series shot in Hawaii.  Currently, it’s  “Lost.”  In the early 1960s it was “Hawaiian Eye,” a private-eye show set in Waikiki; more recently, it was “Magnum P.I.”  But perhaps the most famous – certainly the longest-running – is “Hawaii Five-0,” produced from
1968 to 1980 and currently re-running on Honolulu station KWHE.

          “Five-O” is the fiftieth-state’s state police: a plainclothes unit reporting directly to the governor.  In reality, there has never been a statewide police force; each county – essentially, each island -maintains its own.  And real cops in Hawaii don’t work as Five-O’s do, in dark suits and ties.

          The show was filmed almost entirely on Oahu; but some footage was shot here, in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, for a 1974 episode called “A Hawaiian Nightmare.”  The premise: Unless a $500,000 ransom is paid, a bomb will explode, sending molten lava down into Hilo.

          Prospective terrorists must look elsewhere for inspiration. Kilauea’s lava doesn’t flow through Hilo; it flows through Puna.  And although lava from Mauna Loa could reach Hilo – it has done so before – man-made explosions can not ignite eruptions.

          On the fan web site at there are cast bios, links galore, and some unexpected trivia.  Turns out there are lyrics (who knew?) to Morton Stevens’ hard-driving “Five-O” theme music, and Don Ho used to sing them:

Hawaii Five-O

If you’re feelin’ lonely / You can come with me.           
Feel my arms around you / Lay beside the sea.           
We will think of somethin’ to do.           
Do it till it’s perfect for you / And for me too.           
You can come with me.






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